UBOX9 PRO MAX 2022 International OS Version UNBLOCK TECH +Free IR remote control/Blue tooth remote control Silicone Case Cover


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* Canada National Day event, free official infrared remote controller, limited (100), while stocks last.  


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*4GB running memory, 64GB MEMORY AI intelligent voice system, make TV easier.  

* Flagship 64-bit processor H616 performance is strong, farewell to the sluggish.  Support mainstream video format, true logical details, picture level more clear, rare diligent.  

* with Android10.0, define the beauty of new technology.  Deeply optimized system, faster and smoother, supports 2.4/5G dual-band WiFi, Google Voice Assistant, etc.  

* Box hardware warranty period of one year, worry-free after-sales.  During the warranty period, if the machine cannot be used normally due to its own problems, you can replace a new machine.  

* International OS jailbreak flagship edition, Canada and the United States genuine, official authorization, one purchase, free forever, 0 monthly fee, smooth watching 1000+ TV programs, China’s domestic film and television APP download without regional restrictions. 

The brand chosen by most overseas Chinese in the world


  • Six reasons to choose Unblock

安博电视盒子 4GB运行记忆体,64GB记忆体可以安装更多软件, 无需删减高速存储 想怎样玩都可以

4 + 64 gb of memory

4GB of running memory, 64GB of memory allows you to install more software, no need to cut down fast storage and play it any way you want.

安博电视盒子-6K高清HDR画质6K 60fps 硬体解码,支持主流视频格式, 真实还原细节画面层次更分明、鲜艳动人

6K hd HDR picture quality

Ultra HD 6K 60FPS hardware decoding, support mainstream video formats, true restore details of the picture more clear, bright and moving

安博电视盒子-AI智能语音系统让电视变得更简单支持搜片、播放控制、 系统控制等男女老少皆会用

AI intelligent speech system

AI intelligent voice system makes TV easier. It supports video search, play control, system control and so on. Men, women and children can use it

安博电视盒子-全球CDN节点加速-千万级别服务器,为全球不同的用户搭 截不同的CDN节点,提供最稳定,最快速的观影体验 传输速度更快,信号更稳定 满足高清视频和大文件传输需要

Global CDN nodes accelerate

The ten-million-level server provides different CDN nodes for different users around the world, providing the most stable and fastest movie-watching experience with faster transmission speed and more stable signal to meet the needs of HD video and large file transmission

安博电视盒子-旗舰级64位处理器-H616 性能强劲,告别卡顿 6K高清HDR画质。

Flagship 64-bit processor

The H616 has strong performance and is a departure from carden 6K HD HDR picture quality.

安博电视盒子-GOOGLE最新Android 10.0 系统,它支持5G,GOOGLE语音助手, 讯飞科技语音,深度优化系统,更快流畅

Latest ANDROID 10.0

Android 10.0, it supports 5G, GOOGLE Voice Assistant, IFlytek voice, deep optimization system, faster and smoother

Bluetooth AI voice remote control

Bluetooth voice remote control with Bluetooth 5.0 technology,Fully intelligent, no typing is needed to find TV channels and movies. You can input text by talking to the Bluetooth AI remote control, which is more convenient to use.


Exclusive feature multi-screen interaction

UBOX9 now supports watching movies and TV content on mobile phones, tablets, and computers. No matter you are using Android system, ISO system, or Windows, you can connect multiple devices with just one Ambo box, and watch ten thousand programs anytime and anywhere, and it is free! 

Mobile phone push wireless screen projection

Easily project the film and television pictures of mobile phones, tablets and computers to THE TV, and share them with your family. Multi-screen interaction makes you happier.

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